Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dealey Plaza

Previously unseen images have come to light showing JFK shortly before he was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. Sadly, it was taken a few blocks before the motorcade reached Dealey Plaza where the fatal shots were fired, so we can't see whether there's anyone hiding behind the grassy knoll. I went there myself a couple of years back - it was a pretty strange experience seeing something for real that's been on TV so many thousands of times.

It's interesting that some fairly mundane footage of an event that took place more than 43 years ago is capable of making news around the world. I suspect it's because many people still can't believe it actually happened. Indeed, conspiracy theorists are already claiming the position of the jacket on Kennedy's back suggests the bullet holes later found in it couldn't possibly match the wounds he received. But frankly, that's bollocks.

The details of what happened have already been scrutinised so closely, it would be difficult to focus on what the truth actually is if it weren't so obvious. Oswald was the only gunman, and he acted alone. No conclusive evidence has ever been produced to support any other explanation, and surely now none will ever emerge. But that won't stop the at-times-wacky theories, and in four decades time no doubt the same will be true of 9/11.

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