Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Calm After The Storm

Following the recent heavy fighting in Somalia, things have died down over the last few days to more 'normal' levels of gunfire in the capital Mogadishu. And the US has shown it's still interested in trying to salvage a proper Somali government from the chaos, by sending its top Africa diplomat to make sure everyone knows what the score is.

She went bearing aid money from Congress, and promises of lots more if the Transitional Federal Government can form a proper administration over a calm Somalia. The Americans are putting their hopes on a planned conference, that would hopefully convince the clans and warlords behind much of the anti-government violence that they can all have a say in a peaceful administration. It would be a major surprise if it proved to be that easy. But the fact that America's prepared to send someone senior to Somalia for the first time in 14 years at least proves they're interested in helping.

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