Monday, July 09, 2007

Keeping The US Onside

The new Foreign Secretary David Miliband has insisted Britain isn't about to go wobbly on Iran. He's used an interview in the Financial Times to suggest Britain will support further sanctions against Tehran, if it continues to be belligerent over its nuclear programme.

This is less of a warning to Tehran, and more of an attempt to calm nerves in Washington. The Bush administration's been privately worried that the new British government under Gordon Brown won't stand quite as squarely alongside President Bush on issues including Iran, as Tony Blair did. Those fears grew when Mr Brown revealed his new cabinet, with Jack Straw, who was sacked as Foreign Secretary by Mr Blair because of his opposition to the possibility of military action against Iran, back in a top job. David Miliband wants the Americans to know the special relationship will still be special in the Brown era too.

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