Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Giuliani To Back McCain

And so, with events moving quickly, it seems Rudy Giuliani won't even bother continuing his campaign until Super Tuesday. Time Magazine is reporting that he will pull out of the race and support John McCain within a day or so.

If Mr Giuliani does so, it'll be clear many Republicans are now focusing on Senator McCain as a "stop Romney" candidate. It's probably not just because they're squeamish about having a nominee who is a Mormon and who used to run the most liberal state in the union (Massachusetts), but those are two of the big reasons. Expect another former presidential candidate, Law and Order actor Fred Thompson, to also back McCain in the coming days.

It now looks pretty ikely the Republican candidate for the presidential election will be John McCain. For a man who'll be 72 if he takes office, and who looked just about out of the race only a few weeks ago, it's nothing short of a sensational comeback. He's also the Republican most likely to worry the Democrats. Few, if any, American politicians can match him for cross-party appeal, given his high-profile history of both military service and work on issues such as campaign finance reform and ending the torture of terror suspects. Whether he ends up taking on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, Mr McCain will have an excellent chance of victory.

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